Leaving North Island, Heading South Island

Wellington to Picton

Wellington to Picton

i’m leaving Aqua Lodge Backpacker on 8th of March to start on my solo travel after my working visa ended on 6th of March where my last employer was Omahuri Orchard [i will write on the working experience after i’ve finish writing on my solo travel (fingers cross guys!)]

I traveled by bus (i have an InterCity bus pass) from Napier to Wellington which is took about 5 hours bus journey and suppose to take the ferry from Wellington to Picton at 1500hrs and suppose to reach Blenheim after another 3 hours journey on the same day as i promise a friend to fetch me before she start her night shift, but because of the unforeseen circumstances, the ferry’s delayed (resumed at 1800 hrs) and reached late from schedule + my friend unable to fetch because she has to work by the time i arrived.

because of that i have to call for accommodation since i am not allow to overnight (backpacker’s style, save as possible as you can) at Picton Ferry Terminal. Luckily i’m quite well prepared and got BBH book on hand. so i just call the hostel so that night i will have a place to sleep.

that night i choose to stay at Tombstone Backpackers since only them available and can do a pick-up. It’s very nice backpackers and apart you have a free breakfast you also can have an access for free unlimited wifi 🙂


Very nice entrance


its en-suite and no wonder its NZD30/night


Neat and Tidy + well presented


activities that u can book from them at the front office / receptionist don’t forget ask for the discount!

even tho i missed the breakfast (overslept) but i heard that the owner made a very yummylicious scone! and from here too i learn about the Mail Run which i will for sure take part before leaving the South Island.



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