TQ Lil’ Helper

when i was busy cracking my head for the next post came a sloppily :p mommy asking to sit his lil boy.. i dont want but have to since he cannot left unattended. since i have an idea to write for the next post i have to think on how to make himself busy because he seems like to ‘help’ me on my writing too.

suddenly i remembered his mommy’s old lappy in my room.. in a flash i go and bring it out to him. and tadaa..


See, how fast he write, u can see it by how his hand moved πŸ˜€


did he try to use touch screen now?


oppss.. now he want to try with his foot i guess

and YES i can write my new post and he can do his ‘blogging’ too πŸ˜‰ with his own style :p


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