Review : Best Teh Tarik Madu (Honey Milk Tea) Ever

i dont have any idea yet how to write on my following NZ experience so today i skip it with my other post. i would like to share a place that i recently like to go because of the deliciousness of milk tea with honey and also the fish soup mix with beef.

1st time i tried it with my bestfriend as we seen it from a friend’s facebook post. so since my bestfriend back home and we didnt go out dating for so long, we decided to go and have a try.

20140918_144547 _PokMatTehTarikMadu

Honey Milk Tea – agreed.. the milk tea was sooo great. not too sweet, strong tea flavour but the best ever, the bubble from the honey itself, so bubbly and a lot! heavenly delicious. cant even describe it in a word.

20140918_ _PokMatTehTarikMadu

Fish mix Beef Soup – greatest combination.. love it!

20140918_144908 _PokMatTehTarikMadu

Best Simple Lunch Meal to give a try!

20141016_122541 _PokMatTehTarikMadu

Sip the bubble baybeh! damn yummilicious!!

here i share the foursquare link for easy reference, reviews, and more pictures!

Foursquare : OR

Enjoy .. the pic ^_^



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