November 24, 2014 | R.I.P Paul McNamara | Napier, New Zealand

Date: November 24, 2014

Location: Terminal KLIA2

It is my time to go back hometown after the previous flight i cancelled because I have to look after my nephew since my sister was not well. i was sitting in front of the terminal gate since I’ve checked in quite early (its my style to check in early for every flight I will take since i don’t like to rush) since there is a free WiFi for 3 hours provided by the airport management, i take my time to browse it using my smartphone. while i was reading my FB timeline, I’ve stop at one of my friend’s status. that friend i met during my traveled in New Zealand to be exact known her at Aqua Lodge Backpackers. the status written was ;

Now you don’t know what am I writing to you but I want the others know you are my good friend you always help us. Very nice to meet you. R.I.P PAUL

seen her status make me wonder; is it our Paul? but no..never.. not our Paul.. but in my messy mind i want to know which without wasting a time i sent her private message. even the status was up for 1 hour, I’m hoping that she still online.

about 5 minutes later i’ve received her reply, and yes it is our Paul. and that moment too i still say no.. not our Paul.. i want to confirm from his friend which also the owner of aqua logde, Tony. I text Tony to ask.. but no reply.. i pmed him at FB and waiting.. lucky not long after, seems he also on the line.. maybe many inquiries from others because Paul have millions of friends all over the world. of course i was a shock to hear that news.

Tony’s replied;

Sadly yes it is true. Paul had a short illness and passed away early today

when i read the clarification from Tony, automatically i cannot hold the tears anymore and I’d cried 😥

There is a lot memories about him even the friendship is just started June 2014.. but he help me a lot.. me and friends arrived in new zealand on the first week of June. we being jobless for about 3 weeks until we had a call from Aqua Lodge to offer a job. we arrived in Napier on 24th June and since Tony just undergo the operation, he asked Paul to fetch us at the bus station. that was the first time we met Paul and he was so friendly.

When my friend told him that i have a diabetes and need to see a doctor, secretly he went to the clinics and set me an appointment to met the diabetes nurse. i was so shock when he come back with nurse open appointment letter which i just call the clinic to set a date. and he also politely ask me if he can go with me for him to get to know more about my illness.

During our break from work he also bring us to places of interest in around Napier and Hasting. he do like to take us of Aqua Lodge residents to Te Mata Peak, Harataki Honey, to eat ice cream, to buy a chocolate. visiting a skinsheep factory, up to to see a napier port at bluff hills.. he will bring us anywhere we requested to go.

there is too many that he had done which is too long for me to write here. but i will update it everything that we have shared and last but not least i wish him a happy journey to heaven.

i am gonna miss you Paul. and million thanks for what you have done to me..



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