The Netherlands – Day trip to see Tulips at Keukenhof Garden and Windmills at de Zaanse Schans

Since I’ve arrived in The Netherlands during a Tulips season so I choose to visit the famous tourist spot for tulips at Keukenhof Garden.

My flight supposed to land at 6.45am but since the flight was delayed almost 2 hours, I have reached around 8.20am! gosh.. what a time wasted for all my plan! but no it wont stop me not to go with it.

After all the immigration clearance and luggage claim, I looked for the baggage storage to store my backpack. Well my planned are to visit this 2 places; see the tulips at Keukenhof Garden and Windmills at de Zaanse Schans.

After store the luggage at the level -1 (I don’t have a credit card so I just left at the office which they charge me Euro 7 per-luggage) then I look for the ticket counter to buy a combi ticket (bus+entrance fee) to Keukenhof. I found it at near the train platform 5-6. Then being directed to take a bus at their platform. The cost for the combi ticket was Euro 23.50.

Over there, I just need to queue up a while for the bus as still many people are visiting (this year 2015 it’s open until May 17, 2015). The bus journey to Keukenhof Garden took me about 25 minutes from Schipol Airport.

1) Keukenhof Garden’s Entrance

2) Tulips! *am so excited to see a tulips*

3) and more tulips..

4) and selfie..

5) and tulips.. again..

Half day at Keukenhof Garden is enough for me since you only see tulips and tulips and only tulips there. After few hours spent, I then get ready to go back to Schipol for my next visit.. which is to Zaanse Schans to see a windmills, another must see thing when you visit The Netherlands.

To go there, again just rely on where you just need to key in the place you want to go and it will plan you journey accordingly.


Trip Zaanse Schans from Schipol to Koog-Zaandijk (change station at Zaandam)

Take note that Zaanse Schans located at Koog-Zaandijk Station. No matter from which station you started either, Amsterdam Central, Schipol or other station just make sure the ticket you buy to stop at Koog-Zaandijk via Zaandam.

When you stop at Koog-Zaandijk just walk about 10 to 15 minutes to reach the tourist spot of Zaanse Schans.

Few views you will see along the way to Zaanse Schans:-

And there you go.. the windmills in The Netherlands!

Few other places to visit:-

Clogs Museum, Cheese tasting and Souvenir Shop

and more of beautiful Zaanse Schans

and not forgetting, my selfie 😀

and after a few hours spent, time to get back to Schipol.. and since I forgot to buy a return ticket and to buy a train ticket if you don’t have a credit card u need a lot of Euro coins which I don’t have it enough so I had to stop at Zaandam and change a coins to buy a ticket to Schipol. What a waste of money and stupid me for not buying a return ticket. Well, lesson learned.

And  Zaandam also a very nice place to visit, here a few pictures that I managed to captured during my 15 minutes stop.

and from here, I get my train back to Schipol, collect my backpack and off to my friend’s place in Arnhem. Yet another 1 hour and 13 minutes journey from Schipol.


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