7-21st May 2015 | KUL-AMS | AMS-KUL

Its not my first trip to Europe but my first trip to The Netherlands, home of Tulips and Windmills 😉


Arrived at Schipol Airport about 8.20am then proceed with my plan to see a Tulips and Windmills.

The next day I’ve return to Amsterdam with my friend and we visited Amsterdam and surrounding. Including do the Canal Cruise, another thing to do when you are in Amsterdam.

First we went to Tourist Information Center and booked the Canal Cruise there. The city map you need to buy which cost you about Euro 2.50. But actually you will given the city map when you are ready to board the boat.

The cost for the canal cruise is Euro 16, and actually it is expensive because once we walked to the boat terminal we saw another canal cruise that is only Euro 9! Grrr..what a waste and lesson learned which no need to go for the Tourist Information cause they always selling things that is expensive and always looked around first cos you didn’t know what might you see or meet .. huhuhu

The duration of the canal cruise is about 1 hour.

After the canal cruise then we walked around Amsterdam City; Flower Market, took a pictures at few canals and bicycles walk to another place called Jordaan; but we little bit late and missed their morning market and too a train back to Arnhem.

Flower Market | Leaning House | Boat House


Leeuwarden is the place where my sister live where I spend the rest of my visiting period here.

From Leeuwarden you can travel to all around Netherlands and also other part of Germany since the train station here is like a hub like Amsterdam Central too.

*views I captured from train ride.

But since my total of visiting period just 21 days, I didn’t have a time to go to Germany. but I will come back and do it.. 😉

I just manage to go to Giethroon; Venice of Holland and trust me.. its so beautiful where I wish I live there for real!

Its time to go back home.. home sweet home but I will miss my travel for sure. before going back we did have another day in Amsterdam and just browse the city and buy more souvenirs to bring back!

and for the night we choose to stay at Hotel Zwanenburg.. little bit outside of Amsterdam City.. about 25 to 30 mins drive.. yeah not a little bit I guess..

and .. its time to go home!

ok bye bye The Netherlands.. sure will return someday..



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