Review – Big Bob Burger and Coffee


Yes! Both I like.. Coffee and Burger.. especially homemade patty of beef burger.. yum yum..

Here at Big Bob you get that homemade patty and also the bun itself.. the bun was so soft and the patty? yummilicious sooo juicy and delicious.

For sure I will come back for their burger!

and the coffee? I think it is just Malaysian local coffee cos it is not taste like the coffee I have tasted in London, New Zealand or Australia.. But well when u tasted other coffee sometimes you miss your local coffee and the most important, its has a very strong taste which is reached my level of liking it 😉

IMG_20150525_160821 (2)

So my rating for this café are 8/10

Why 8? Cause you have nothing to clean your dirty hand after having a burger. Still we are in Malaysia if you don’t have a basin provided to clean our hand at least provide us with the wet tissue (To tell you the truth, lucky you have a free bottle of water so we used that to clean our hand-sorry or maybe that is the reason why you provided it) And again as a Malaysian, I would like to have my burger with both hands.

Overall the environment are great, the service are fast (or maybe that time only us a customer..huhu) and the price are affordable too 😀

For sure I will return.. and with my wet tissue 😉


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