Review : Boat Noodle

I don’t want to write much just want to do a review to this place.

Went there because of the ‘friends influence’ and also cos of their pictures posted in their social media. Seriously for me? Not worth going where you can get a same food but more worth the money.

Seeing friends posted with more than 10 bowls per person but for me? well I just ate 2 bowls and its enough..


Two bowls is enough.. sure won’t return for more. Not worth the money.

They come with 2 flavours; Beef and Chicken and with 2 types of different noodle (Rice Noodle or Egg Noodle).


Noodle which cost you only MYR 1.90 (USD 0.27)

Its hell cheap! you might think it so but.. when you ate 10 bowls of this xs size portion of noodle? how much it will cost you in total? so you get what I mean right? well you can get the better noodle by the price that you paid for this simple cheap noodle.

and the side dish with the normal price.


Tempura : Water Spinach with Dipping Sauce

Chicken Wing with Dipping Sauce

Chicken Wing with Dipping Sauce

and .. I attached the receipt for your reference. Yup cheap, just MYR 25.05 (USD 6.37) for 2 pax but.. just share my thought that you can get better food with that price. Seriously? and trust me ^-^


here come the Receipt


They have quite a lot of branch but the one that I give in the foursquare is the place where I have it.


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