New Zealand (South Island) : Motueka – 28th to 31st March 2014

Motueka was the 1st place i started my solo trip for New Zealand after been working for the duration of 9 months. been to Motueka after nearly 3 weeks spending time (planning the trip) at friend’s places both Blenheim and Nelson. My planned was, Motueka as a stop for Abel Tasman Track and also meeting a few friends that work there.

However it doesn’t turned up as planned. to go to Motueka there is no a direct bus for the Intercity (choose it as I bought their pass already) so as a substitute I have to take other bus that made a trip to Abel Tasman actually (I didn’t know about this) so when I arrived and stop at Motueka and after settle down at the Backpacker I have booked, immediately I went to I-Site for the information about the Abel Tasman track that I can do for the duration of 4 days 3 nights here in Motueka. and unfortunately the trip for the Abel Tasman track only leave in the early morning which is the same bus that I have taken to come from Nelson to Motueka. Because of that then my day 1 is wasted. so that going to be the day that I will spend with my friends which only will come back from their work about 4pm.

After made booking for the track, I just walked around the town of Motueka.

 I-Site and around

Meet few friends after their work, having lunch and dinner together but didn’t took a picture as we r busy chatting and gossiping >.<

As usual, having Fish and Chips with LP drink is a must in NZ!

Day 2 | 29 March 2014

Day track to Abel Tasman (since I don’t plan to have the overnight track). Catch a bus in front of Wilson’s Office, Foursquare at (as I took their tour plan) to bring me to the starting point of Abel Tasman Day Track.

Departing, Apple Split and 1st Stop for others.

My starting point was at Tonga Quarry Camp and end at Medlands Beach. And managed to finish the track only about 1H 50mins with leisure and photos.

Well, since the tide is low, the boat cant get near to where they took us this morning, so we have to walk back to the bus meeting point barefoot :p.

Day 3 | 30 March 2014

On Sunday the weather r not really nice to do the hang gliding, so again since I have done the track yesterday, walked around the town and found out that they got their Sunday Market ! yeay.. (I love a NZ weekend market so much!) and found out that my fav stall is around!! Lucky me!

and here come my fav stall.. the one that sell oliebollen!!

Day 4 | 31 March 2014

I managed to make a booking for Tandem Hang Gliding (my friend suggest me to do it as she said it’s look interesting). So I made a booking thru Bookme since its little bit cheaper if you book earlier, but I get the same price because I just booked day before the event.


If you can read that, I have paid for the video too which the additional cost was $40. When I reached there I’ve been told that they don’t have the stock of the memory card, so they cant take a video and even a picture of you. But the most frustrated thing is, they wont refund you. So bad. And lucky I have my own GoPro and since I cant use it, I ask them to used my own memory card (they also using GoPro). Because I don’t want the experience only. I also do want the memory of it too!

The experience is great. Its more scary than doing the Skydive. But I don’t recommend you go with this company, you can try at other places. Please take note ok. this company is:-

Tasman Skyadventures | |

Please don’t support them as they are lie to you and you wont get you refund and they don’t even say sorry for you bout the ‘No stock of memory card’. Either you just go on without a video and picture or you just go back without the experience and your money. Or #tips: choose the booking without the video and skip to pay additional $40 and only ask and pay there is they said that have it okay! just trying to help you to have fun and also since we are backpackers / travellers sometimes we do care bout the money we spend while travel.

Now, enjoy the pic from my own memory card okay!

With the manager (I guess, but she’s the one that handle the registration and told no refund) and the tandem partner (he scared me a lot when I said I wanna do the skydive later)

And still cant stop myself from enjoying my travel time, Trampoline! addicted to jump on it each time I saw it..


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