REVIEW: WBC Warung Burger Chotek

Today we went there again after the 1st time we went it’s we didn’t found it but we managed to get the number. Called but they said they closed that night cos the owner’s just passed away. and said will open on Friday (7th of August) but since we got our Open House so we decided not going.

2nd time we did text him first but we are getting ready to go but text him in case they didn’t open. once we got the reply yes again it is closed cos they got a big order so they not open the warung (stall). ok… so we asked him to text us once they open.

3rd time we text him but yet not open cos its 7 days of his father passed away.. okay then.. seems that we not going to try their famous burger!

and tonight my sis wanna try her luck to text him.. and.. YES.. WE’RE OPEN!

thank goodness!

and here we are enjoying the burger chotek!


Well maybe enough for try only 1 time.. however its cheap and good taste..

well cant supply the location from foursquare as there is no location available but I will update if once I manage to locate it..

anyone wanna try to go this place at this moment can just call their owner at +6011-10786586 for the exact direction. and you also can make an order via whatsapp or call to avoid any frustration and long queue.

And below are the pictures send by the owner to me.

WBC open from 8pm to 12.30am


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