REVIEW: Local Breakfast – Coffee and Toast (Kedai Kopi White House)


Seems that my post are always about my food review. That is because I love to eat and eat out to taste the different of food taste.

Well again this morning I would like to write about the breakfast I had. Its local coffee and toast and half-boiled egg. the combo that’s very delicious.

Coffee : Malaysian local coffee and less sweet as I requested and it is perfect!


Toast : Local made bread serve with kaya (coconut jam) and butter = Perfect!


Half-boiled Egg : best to have with dash of white pepper and light soy sauce = Marvelous

and the place also nice and classic, not like other fancy coffee shop.

While im having the half-boiled egg, my cousin choose to have Nasi Lemak. well so sorry cos I just took the picture of Nasi Lemak that still in the wrap but not the inside but the nasi lemak is like the normal nasi lemak which got half hard boiled egg, sambal bilis, kacang and timun. but the sambal was nice so considered it’s nice la.

p/s : on the way to this coffee house, my cousin said that we cant take a picture (cos she know that I into the blog thingy), but seems that I managed to get it and there’s the review!

Hahaha in less than 24hours I have returned with my sisters and my little nephew.

we have ordered quite the same I had in the morning but the additional new order ware :

oh, I got the pic of the Nasi Lemak as my sis order the same last night. so update it beside of unwrapped nasi lemak pic.

and the total for the food we ordered last night are MYR19.60 :-

3 sets of toast with kaya and butter, 1 set of Half-boiled Egg and Nasi Lemak, Iced Coffee, Coffee & Nestum Tarik

Yeah sure I will return as I just notified in their menu that they have Nasi Dagang which is Kelantanese dish and it is only available at night.. hmm cant wait for that. will update if once I have it okay!


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