DMT1 – How am I Being Diagonsed

I think I never write and tell on how I have being diagnosed for Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 (DMT1). Yeah I did shared that I got it in year 2013 in the month of February but I never shared on how the symptoms attacked me and how I went to the doctor and then she diagnosed that I am a Diabetic Type 1.

February 23,  2013 (Saturday) – Symptoms Appeared

It started in the morning where I am supposed to go out with my flat mate. we promised to go out for shopping some stuff for our travel to New Zealand. But then I was not feeling well. I was really really thirsty and I am the type of person that not like to drink water and sometimes in a day I will only drink less than 500ml. so that day was quite weird because I keep on drinking water and surprisingly before noon i already drank nearly to 5L. but apart from that I keep on urine and the worst after right away drinking I urinate I am started to vomit. which is only water come out. but after that I keep on drink and urinate and vomit.

Since that day also the weather was very hot, I asked my flat mate whether they also feeling hot and thirsty like me. they said that they do feel hot and thirst but not as thirst as me. I feel kinda weird and seems that I am acting not like before so I’ve decided to see the doctor at the nearby clinic in the evening since the clinic is open at 6.30pm.

So from the duration of morning till evening about 7pm, I just keep on drinking water, urinating and vomiting. I didn’t eat anything that day as I had lost my appetite and just lying my back on couch and waiting for the clinic to open.

The Doctor

I’m still good enough to walk to the clinic as it is only a walking distance. once registered and being called. I told what I felt to the doctor. she just check on my body temperature and suddenly she said that she is going to write a letter for me to refer to the hospital. but she said that if company I had attached have any insurance covered or if I got my on insurance covered then just call any of insurance company to ask which hospital should I go for.

I wanna make used of my company insurance so back to my place I called the insurance company to ask which hospital they covered. and my symptoms also getting appeared as my tounge starting to tingle and words come out are less to understand which I need to talk slowly so that the customer service of the insurance company understand what am I talking about. (I just noticed about this is one of the symptoms after I had being diagnosed and read about DMT1)

After shared about my condition, and informed about the referral letter that I got from the clinic, my friend willing to send me to the panel hospital (informed by the insurance company) . I went for the emergency section and after being treat I need to be admitted in the ward. I can imagine that I am not having a normal sick. but before admitted I being told that the insurance company didn’t covered my treatment as they are not the panel hospital for my company. im little bit pissed off as I check before I arrived that it is the panel hospital. and since Im too weak to ask for it then the hospital staff willing to make a call to ask for another hospital that I can go to.

February 24, 2013 (Sunday) – Officially Dignosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 (Insulin Dependent)

About 1am, I managed to be transferred to another hospital. I being warded at ICU and I being told that the doctor only will available in the morning but seems they already know what happened to me and that night I was told that I will be closely monitored.

to be continued


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