Happy Merdeka Day Malaysia!

Happy 58th Independence Day to Malaysia.

Proud to b Malaysian and whoever doesn’t have that feeling then I suggest they shud think of migrate to other country that they might find their peace. Rather than joined/organised a rally that brought shame to this beloved country of MINE!!

Well, since today is a public holiday and I got friend from New Zealand coming back from London after his Europe trip so then we need to fetch him at the airport. arrive about 9.20am and at the same time of his departure and custom clearance. lucky his departure was an hour delayed coz we r overslept and arrived on the dot.

He’s appeared with his oversized baggage since he bought a bicycle in Europe and brought back here to bring back to NZ cos he said the cost there is double. We went to the storage luggage to store it there but the cost for the oversized item is MYR50 and for 3 days (he is leaving on 2nd September at 9.45pm) it will cost him MYR150. we think that it quite wasted so we decided to try to fit in the car without a box and YES! we did it!

and then we went to have our brunch since all three of us didn’t have our breakfast yet and since he ask for the authentic Indian then we brought him to this Raju Banana Leaf near to my place.

Our original plan of the day, we want to go to the elephant sanctuary but because of the long holiday and we doesn’t want to be stuck in the massive jam on the way back, so we decide to just b in KL area, We went to the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia. its a good choice actually since being a Malaysian but never visit a tourist attraction places. Thanks to our friend cos insist to go there cos he said its was reviewed in the Lonely Planet. Well the place was quite nice which we end up spent 3 hours there!

Other plan, we want to go to see the fireflies but again we had to cancel it because 1) its quite far and 2) we cant contact them to ask whether it is open or not and 3) there is a sign that there going to b rain tonight. so to be on the safe track. we decided not to go.

before sending him back to his hotel, we stopped to have a cendol and also a rojak also at my area. and also feed him with some local fruits of mangosteen and also longan.

Well that’s how I spend my Merdeka Day. to enjoy being a Malaysian and hope this beloved country of mine stay independence




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