REVIEW: Upper Crust @ Dataran Prima

Foursquare :

I want to write a review of this place right after I’ve done with my lunch that day but since I’m having a problem with my internet so its keeps on delayed. so here today I’ll give the rating for this place.

I give them 1 over 10! (1 because I did have lunch there, might be 0 if I just walked out after an hour waiting)

Y? because me, need to wait for 1 hour and 5 minutes for my meal to come while the other 2 of my colleagues have to wait about 30 minutes and 50 minutes for theirs.

Hurm, that was my first time waiting for a meal that long. and more worst, the meal that come was very small portion and I managed to finish it in less than 10 minutes. so tell me y I shouldn’t pissed off! huh

but the funny things is, my other 2 colleagues that just joined our team went to that place too last week and walked out from that café after realised that place was the place that we r talking about. (they did ordered and waiting more than 30 minutes after then they realised and just walked out :p)

Seriously guys.. if you want to kill you time, that is the best place to heading to :p


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