My Parents’ Happiness

2 days ago, I was so happy when I finally managed to book a flight ticket for my parents’ trip to The Netherlands. Why The Netherlands? Why not London or Paris? like any other Malaysians’ been when they choose to travel in Europe? well, its because of my father’s wish to see a windmill. Not the Big Ben or Eiffel Tower.. but just a windmill.. and.. its must be in The Netherlands. That is what he requested for.

Their holiday will be on winter season. My mum dont like cold. at first she doesnt want to go, and my father wont travel without her. anywhere he goes (except for his official trip), he would like her to tag along with him. how sweet :p and he did his best just to convince her to go with him which he’s finally succeed.

Even the preparation a little bit hassle, where my mum missed placed her passport where there is no time to look for it (well, our house if me lost something there, its took ages to look for it) so, for my mum’s passport, we decided to apply new for her, but as Malaysian’s Passport are hot in the market so she need to lodge a police report and also need to see the Commissioner of Oaths. However, the flow is so smooth for her. Alhamdulillah 😀

Once her passport ready, the travel date change! my father want to go as early as possible! he is too eager to see the windmill i guess :p so their departure will be on November instead of early December as per planned.

Well, I do hope they will have a great holiday in Netherlands and safe return! 😉

And us, 13 of their children’s will do anything to make them happy and try as hard as possible to fulfil their wishes 😉


Well, that’s me n windmill 😉


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