New Zealand (South Island) : Westport 2nd – 3rd April 2014

eTicket_WestportDepart early in the morning to Westport from Nelson after spent 2 nights there. Booked the Cave Adventure in Motueka on the day of my arrival so I will just walk around the Westport town first since the adventure start at 2pm. There in Westport, I read that is good if you can join for the surfing class and booked the backpackers that have that offer so looking forward to surfing class! (even I never learn how to swim, but still hope that I can participate.

Oh, when I was in Motueka, there is one staff that said I should stop in Westport and did the Cave Adventure. Because she done that and really enjoy it. So since I don’t have any fixed plan yet, so why don’t I try it. Ok. Then she booked that for me. Then that is why I am here in Westport.

Westport, just a small town and nothing much you can do. Called Coal Town. Having coffee at the one of the café mentioned it in NZ’s Lonely Planet. *forgot the café’s name, will look for it and update ok.

And the town.

And the backpackers.

Bazil’s Hostel and Surf School |

Nice ambience and clean.

Since my booking with Underworld Adventures is at about 2pm, so I unable to join the evening class for the surfing. and the next day, will leave to Punakaiki at about 10am 😦

Underworld Adventure | |

From this adventures too, u can see the gloworms. Close and you can even touch it! but I don’t.

My first time seeing it, its like looking at the stars. so beautiful. and its a must see when u r in New Zealand okay! Sorry, I don’t have the pic for the gloworms 😦 but do enjoy the rest of the pictures!


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