REVIEW: Dotty’s @ TTDI


Weekend spent with girlfriends. After quite sometimes not seeing each other, we made a quick plan to hangout. This time we choose Dotty’s as a place to hangout.

Heard that this place is famous for their Salted Egg Cronut. Since its limited daily and ‘appear’ at certain time, then our 1st visit for sure we didn’t managed to have it (cos we arrived at 5pm). So as for now, cant share what is it so good that make people queue for it.


Pic from

So since its already sold out when we reached so we just ordered other dishes to try.


so here my rating for my order: Love the Tiramisu Coffee, got the tiramisu taste so I like it, but for the Smoked Salmon, I give 3/10 because its toooooo salty.. really salty.. I cant even finished it. but lucky we r sharing so my besties  kinda help me to finish it :D.

But overall the other food r quite ok 😉 and the ambience r nice for sure. but the seating r not many and I don’t think they take a reservation because its always full.

oh, the staff are quite helpful too. and they love to help you taking your pictures! so don’t shy to ask for their help ok!:D

Oh, and here the menu:


Last but not least, we will definitely return to try their famous Salted Egg Cronut!


|| Additional Info ||

Address: 20-G, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Serving for their famous Salted Egg Cronut: Weekdays: at 12PM, 2PM & 4PM, Weekend: 11AM, 1PM & 3PM.

We do accept pre-orders with a ‘minimum order of 6 pieces’ (Contact our outlet at 03-7733 4233, should you wish to do so). As for walk-in and dine-in customers, in-store limit purchase is ‘4 per pax’.

Business operation hours: 8AM to 6PM, Closed on Tuesday




Yesterday (April 19) was my birthday! Thank you friends for the wishes ❤


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