Keep on Fighting!


Last night, got a news from a close friend of mine (my BFF) telling that our university friend are diagnosed with Leukemia.

She is not  a close friend to me but she we do communicate in FB before, but now I didn’t dare to start a conversation (whatsapp or FB message) to her just because I know now she had Leukemia. I don’t like people to feel that we have contacted with them just because we felt pity to them even we actually are concern about them. So at this moment, I just asked my BFF that contacted her to send my warm regards to her and do pray for her progress health.

Still remember when I was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 on February 2013, it is hard for me to accept it either, but I do accepted it as a God test to me 😥 and still try my very best and still trying to live and accept it as positive as possible. I won’t give up for sure.

So, shout-out to her, and to everyone that living in a hard life, Keep on Fighting! and don’t ever give up!


❤ TQ

UPDATE: Just wanna shared here that my friend passed away last Sunday (July 31, 2016). May her rest in peace.. Amin..

Received the news about 12.30pm and managed to pay her last visit. And she look exactly like how I’ve known her, only missing  her happy go lucky face 😥 but she’ll be missed for sure.

Rest In Peace Dear Friend ❤


From Allah We came and to Him We shall return | Quran 2:156



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