Things that I’ve missed when I was in New Zealand

This post was created because, just now a colleague of mine reminds me, on NZ term that is not using here in my country. So here I shared with you guys, things or terms or words or product etc.; that I missed a lot when I was in New Zealand 😦 and (how I wish I am still there) can’t find it in my country.

“Smoko” (also “smoke-o” or “smoke-oh”) is a term used in Australian English, New Zealand English and Falkland Islands English for a short, often informal, cigarette break taken during work or military duty, although the term can also be used to describe any short break such as a rest or a coffee/tea break. (

** So if you guys have been working in New Zealand (not sure the same word using in Australia), then you absolutely familiar with this word. Usually the smoko time is about 15minutes.


Wefie during Smoko! #December2014 #Talley’s


Schweppes Ginger Beer!

I love this ginger beer so much!  and my only favourite Ginger Beer. when I’m return to NZ, this is the 1st thing that I will look for!!


My only favourite is this one! None others ^-^

Potato Crisps

Cheapest in NZ but cost us a lot here! and the potato taste are more original there than here’s crisps product!

Copper Kettle are my fav but haven’t try Proper & Heartland before, but definitely try it on my next visit to NZ 🙂

Fish & Chips!

Nothing can compare fish & chips that I had in NZ!! tried in every takeaway shops that I’ve found :p

Manchester Department

For sure you might wonder what is that is it? well in New Zealand when you walk along the shops ally and found this word, well please note that the shop is selling cotton goods such as sheets and towels. You may refer here for better explanations. I will add the images if I found one, not sure I ever took the pic of that word, but I do have ask Kiwi what that is mean and he did answer its a shop that selling cotton goods.

Great Walks and Tramping

*note that I will update this post each time my past memories crossed my mind 😀 PEACE! 


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