DR. Mist | Multipurpose Function



I have been using this product for a week now, and I am really satisfied with it so decided to share with you here.

Before using this product and when I am out of any deodorant, the day that I’m not wearing any, I can feel the different of not using deodorant; can feel the sweaty armpit and feel uneasy all day, but after using DR. Mist, even its just a water spray, you cant feel any sweat, like it been absorbed and also feel very light. Apart from that, it might save me a lot because of its multipurpose function too since I also used it as a toner (but don’t spray it direct to your face, use a cotton pad), foot spray, repellent and etc.


Product Details

The Treatment Principle

DR. Mist” utilizes just pure water, concentrated salt and minerals ala those found in the Dead Sea. This formulation uses the principle of Physics that resulted in a fluid spray that evaporates 0.4 times faster than ordinary water. Once the fluid evaporates it leaves a thin layer or residue of very fine powder – a combination of salt and minerals on the skin. The fine powdery residue covers the epidermis and act as an effective bactericidal shield that effectively kills-off any bacteria living on or come into contact with the skin. The rationale is that without the presence of bacteria reacting on the sweat, there is therefore no unpleasant odour.

Because it is just water and mineral salts “DR. Mist”, unlike other conventional deodorizers, is non-greasy or gummy. Neither does it cause stain, irritation or toxicity.



(a) Eliminating Bad Body Odour.

  • Just spray directly to the underarms, feet shoes and socks.

(b) Treating Minor Cuts, Wounds, Skin Ailments, such as rashes, swellings, athlete foot and Insect bites, etc.

  • Spray generously into the affected area four times daily. This eliminates the formation of pus and inflammations. Wounds will heal more speedily with little or no discolouration to the healed-wounds.

Other Usages:

The buoyancy action in “DR. Mist” helps flush out toxins and germs in the pores as well as removing discolouration in the affected areas at the same time helping to protect and rejuvenate the skin.


DR. Mist therefore helps save on cost of visits to the doctors and the hassle of having to clean and dress wounds.


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