REVIEW: The Mail Boat Cruise, Picton | New Zealand

I was stranded in Picton because of the bad weather and ferry was behind schedule, and because of the delayed, I have no choice other than to stay 1 night in Picton (own expenses okay! huh), arrived about 10pm in Picton and my friend that suppose to fetch me to Blenheim was working night shift that day, so I have to look for the accommodation.

Stayed at Tombstone Backpackers Picton (they offer you a free breakfast but unfortunately, next morning I was woke up late and heard that their homemade scone was awesome!) and shared a en suite with a guy (forgot from where he is). Only the next morning we have a small talk and he mentioned about doing this mail run after asking where am I heading next. Since my friend is going to fetch me later so I don’t have a chance to follow him to go for that mail run thingy. So, that was where the 1st time I heard about this mail run. But have you guy ever heard bout that? and I bet you guys haven’t heard or experience bout that too :p

And only during my last travel in South of New Zealand, I decided to do that trip. Not sure how many companies that offer this service but since I got a discount from the accommodation that I’ve booked; Atlantis Backpackers and Motel – BBH Picton so I go with this company; Beachcomber Cruises Picton

You may read full descriptions of the service or even book this trip by visiting their website, but here I share a paragraph of what that service offered.

This is our most popular trip and a great way to explore the beautiful Marlborough Sounds. The Beachcomber Mail Boat is the only official licensed New Zealand Post Rural delivery service by water in the Queen Charlotte Sound. Share the excitement of Mail Day as our skipper delivers the mail and groceries to the families that live in the various bays and inlets in the Queen Charlotte Sound. Say “hi” to the kids waiting on the wharf for their schoolwork or greet the many animals that come down to meet the boat.

It’s totally a new experience to me and overall I do enjoy this trip! and if you like to do something different during your travel to south of New Zealand, I definitely recommend you this trip!


The Mail Boat Cruise – Beachcomber Cruises’ Route Map

I will check again on what day that trip that I have, but I think I do saw the big dog mentioned! and it was fun to see the dogs and pigs waiting to be fed!

I have checked my date that I went, it was on Wednesday, May 7,2014!

And again all the photos I’ve taken will share later since it is in my personal laptop :p

Shared with you the pic of beautiful Picton and also the mail run journey over Marlborough Sounds and Queen Charlotte Sound!


The journey of the world famous magic mail run.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy faces of the rural villages to receive their parcels, and their excited pets too!




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