Happy New Year! 2017


It has been day 9th after new year, but hope it is still not to late for me to wish all of you Happy New Year 2017. Managed to login to WP today before I saw it’s my 4th WPsniversary!! notification. It has been 4 years since I moved from Blogspot to WordPress and seems like I stick to it :p

Am not very good in writing but just love to have a blog just to write what I have in mind or experience in life like traveling, celebration etc.

Since it’s about 2 months from my last post, I’ve missed to write about my diva besties going for our 2.0 roadtrip, review for my other food place, my running? oh no, no more running after the last one on October. what else? think I have a lot to write but limited internet connection + lazy 😀 .. might give it a throwback, but not so soon. will write it when I do have my free time.

Since it’s New Year, I have many things to achieve and apart from my next travelling, just cant wait for it! #countingdays, it’s 15 more days to go.. am going back to my fav country ever!! .. if you can guess u might know, but if you don’t? then just wait for my update.. if I had free time for an update okay!

2017 xoxo!



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