#TheRunningDivas Short Getaway 4.0 | Sekeping Jugra | 12 & 13 August 2017

Guess i missed to share my #TheRunningDivas Trip 3.0😬.. yes i know, haven’t been active with WordPress quite sometime. A lots happened that i want to share just the time is not permitted to do so yet.. will try to arrange it and hopefully can spend little bit of my time here and do some writing and expressing 😊

So today, wanna share with u guy my weekend short getaway last Saturday. This time only 4 of us involved. As you may or not know, ours are 6 of us.

This trip, well meant to discuss our 5.0 trip that will take place this coming October. But seems this year we seldom see each other and not much running events we took part so no longer see each other once a month like last year.

Ok, don’t want to talk much. So our 4.0 trip are at Sekeping Jugra. It’s in town, different with Jugra we have been before. This Sekeping have plenty of beautiful accommodations, u can check here at their website Sekeping Retreats and one of the sekeping that i aiming for so long is Sekeping Serendah😍

Huh, done for their free promote (and at this moment i wish they read my post n decided to give me one night stay at their sekeping serendah)🤞🏼 ok enough, let me share the photos that I captured during our stay.. enjoy!

They have 4 rooms available;

In front 1 room with kitchen

1 room with living room

Back 1 single room with courtyard

1 double room with courtyard

When we accidentally enter the living room, the caretaker said that is a private access which is only for the guest that book the room with living, but when us booked a room with kitchen, but the caretaker seems to have an access to it 🤔 and there is a fridge in there and also the kitchen utensils like plates, mugs etc which us wonder why it’s not private since we booked the room mentioned with kitchen? So when other use it its seems not private for us at all? – ok sekeping, please answer this if u read my post😜

Other facilities;

• Island kitchen (this one i think other guests can use because its it just in front of the pool)

• Pool

• Dining, Discussion Area

There is no nearby public transport but u can always call for Grab or Uber in case u don’t want to drive out.

Overall, I sincerely love the ambience and will try to experience all the available sekeping😊

Ok, for those that like to have an experience here too, you may contact as per below details:




🗺 Google Maps:
a (Old Klang Road)

GPS Coordinate:


3, Jalan Jugra,

Off Jalan Klang Lama,

58100 Kuala Lumpur MY


*call hours from 8am to 7pm (Mon-Sat)

After 7pm or Sunday, please email (state enquiry for Sekeping Jugra)

So, just book and create your own awesome experience like we did!